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Speaking as a code- and development-literate project manager, I can attest to Rudy’s expertise, effective communication and professionalism. Working under a deadline that all involved knew leaned toward the unreasonable, Rudy demonstrated finesse and efficiency by deploying a balance of proven reused modules of code with customized solutions for our platform. Whether face-to-face, via email, or text message, Rudy was responsive, prompt, and always aware of the larger context that our project was deploying. Because we were an education-driven project, her additional experience in the classroom teaching digital media provided an additional layer of resources that were brought to the table. I’m sure that there are dimensions of her experience that went untapped.

David Goldberg, Lead Curriculum Developer, Creativity Academies, HI

Rudy has an very complete skill set as web designer; a very experienced code writer, a tough thing to find, she’s provided customized applications specific to my company’s marketing needs. She’s an artist and compliments this with being an excellent collaborator when it come to developing ideas into practical solutions while being versatile as necessary and highly responsive in keeping her schedule commitments. Rudy services are essential part of my business and I’ve been extremely pleased with her creative work, technical skills and work ethic.

Don Hitchcock, FitPac

Rudy has a great sense of how to design web pages so that they make sense to the user and are easy to navigate. Not only does Rudy have those fundamental skills but she also has great design intuition and a keen eye for what looks good and clean.

Carl Spady, Hoag Hospital

I’ve worked with numerous web designers over the past 20 years and Rudy by far has been the best. I’d highly recommend her services to anybody that needs help designing, developing or maintaining a website.

Rick Doyle, Rick Doyle Photography